Oñay Sheard:
Web Dev & Designer,
Graphic Designer,
and Artist


Oñay SheardI create and design simply because it makes me happy. There is nothing else I could picture myself doing for the rest of my life. When I encounter a new assignment I am eager to see where it ends up. I tend to pay close attention to color and typography. My work is inspired from life experiences, a love of creating, and other creative minds.

Since a young age I was interested in art and design. My father was an artist as well. Growing up I was always awe-stricken when viewing my father’s illustrations and portraiture. With the belief that one day I could be as good of a “drawer” as my father, and for sheer entertainment, I would draw and color all of the time.

Years later we got our first computer and in fifth grade, I started experimenting creating a web page from the old Yahoo! Geocities. I created a small website with around five links about how school is so boring. I labeled it “Tired of School.” Looking back, it's pretty funny but I was proud of my site and got a decent amount of web traffic. In comparison to today, I’ve come a long way.

In conjunction with learning HTML, I began to experiment with painting outside the digital world. I started with watercolors and then switched over to oil and now work mainly with acrylics. I was first inspired to paint by artists on PBS such as Bob Ross, Donna Dewberry, & others. I then grew to be inspired by Gustav Klimt, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, René Magritte, Vincent van Gogh and more. By age 13, my painting skill and technique developed greatly and a few of my paintings were selected to be featured in numerous nursing homes throughout the state of New Jersey.

I graduated from The Art Institute of Philadelphia with a major in Graphic Design. I plan to use my graphic design degree and my web design knowledge to continue doing freelance work. Who knows where I'll end up. I'm just happy doing what I love.

  • The level of work Oñay produces is exceptional, the way her creative mind works its no wonder that she has done so well for herself. When I approached Oñay to help me with my Website she was eager to get started and with the end result it showed that her dedication was there. I would highly recommend Oñay, not just because of her design experience and expertise but because when you work with her you work with the real deal. Diego Hernandez
  • Oñay is a very creative minded person. Once she starts a project she commits herself 110% until its final completion. She has a great sense of style and loves using various typography to convey a beautiful message. She is also very proficient at webdesign that she pretty much taught herself. She's a quick learner and fun to be around. Any company would definitely benefit from her being part of the team. Charisma Henzie
  • Onay is extremely talented and designs and is customer focused. She has designed marketing material, business branding materials and recently completed illustrations for my nine year old's first book. I would strongly recommend her for any businesses new and evolving projects. She has great insight and will deploy your vision. Sharone Glasco
  • Oñay possesses a high level of creativity and good attention to detail. She was able to work on a variety of projects at Iperdesign and managed her time well. Oñay gets along well with her colleagues and took direction well. Anthony Groves
  • Oñay is a talented young designer whom I have had the pleasure to work with in an advising capacity. She is extremely communicative and is someone who I know will work to ensure everything I need from her is completed in a timely and professional manner. Rachel Johnson
  • Onay is an excellent graphic designer. She uses layers to create a complexity that is eye-catching, inviting and unique. She is also very good at conceptualizing. Linda Karp


Amusement Park Iconography

Amusement Park Iconography

Billow Willow: Teen Clothing Company | Logo

Billow Willow: Teen Clothing Company

Circle of Friends | Claywork

Circle of Friends

Downtown Byzantine | Logo

Downtown Byzantine

Electric Dance | Acrylic Painting

Electric Dance

Fallen Angel | Graphite Illustration

Fallen Angel

Fireflies | Digital Painting


Fruitie Chewies | Logo

Fruitie Chewies

Illustration | Custom Illustrator Braid Brush


JFE: Stationery Set

Jerry Foreste Expediting
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Juiced: All Natural Fruit Juices

Juiced: All Natural Fruit Juices
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Miss Meredith's Tea Room | Packaging

Miss Meredith's Tea Room

Over the Bridge | Photography

Over the Bridge

Positive | Digital Illustration


Animal Scroll Holder | Claywork

Scroll Holder

She Cries For Her Dying City | Acrylic Finger Painting

She Cries for Her Dying City

The Bluest Eye | Bookcover

The Bluest Eye

The Eye is the Window to the Soul | Typography

The Eye is the Window to the Soul

Warrior | Graphite & Ink Illustration


Waterbottle Recycling Campaign | Poster Art

Waterbottle Recycling Campaign

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